William Newton Hospital Foundation

Winfield, Kansas


How would a well-regarded and aging hospital system overcome a lack of philanthropic tradition and low public understanding to secure major investment for long-term capital needs?  

There had not been a major campaign since the hospital was founded approximately 100 years ago.  Philanthropic leaders were focused on other organizations, the hospital wasn’t recognized as place desiring and receiving philanthropic support, and a talented but inexperienced Foundation Director was put in charge of overcoming these internal and external obstacles.


  • Collaborate with community leaders to identity common vision, interests, core themes, and the donor value exchange.
  • Emphasize the importance of the “enterprise” of the healthcare’s success over the projects. 
  • Promote long-term strategic plan and value.  
  • Assess potential funding to determine appropriate scope and goal of campaign. 
  • Set the stage for near-term and long-term success.


The campaign was a big success both financially and in terms of strategic objectives.  $4.6 million was raised against a $3 million goal to fund phase one. 


Total donors increased by 272% (2013 contributors).  The long-term strategic vision also led to a $1 million planned gift to launch a legacy society to help fund future capital needs. The collaborative effort was leveraged to create a philanthropic culture shift internally and externally.  This elevated the role, status, and support of the Foundation among strategic stakeholder groups ensuring current success while establishing a platform of community understanding, engagement, support for the future.

R+A Services:

  • Customized campaign planning study
  • Campaign counsel

R+A Team:

  • Thad Henry, Senior Philanthropic Advisor
  • Dan Rogge, President / Chief Strategist
  • Cara Applegate, Surveys
  • EK Collab, Communication support

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