Prisma Upstate (Greenville Health System & Health Sciences Center)

Greenville, SC


Rapid growth, including recently acquired community hospitals and a new academic medical center with three higher education partners, left a traditional hospital fundraising office ill-prepared to meet new realities and ambitious demands for future philanthropic revenue. 

Even though they enjoyed strong philanthropic support, breathtaking expansion and community-directed grants created a public impression that the health system was becoming something unknown with ample resources to drive growth. 

How would they address daunting challenges to create an appropriate platform to drive more philanthropic investment and improved public understanding?


We assembled a team of R+A Associates with specific expertise to address each area of a comprehensive philanthropic assessment.  Insights and suggestions were gathered through department and organizational stakeholder interviews.  Observations and recommendations were reviewed and strengthened by our panel of experts.  And a restructuring plan was developed to implement recommendations.  We also assisted in the interview process to find and hire a new chief development officer who could successfully carry out the approved plan of action.


The hospital system gained a strategic and practical roadmap to overcome identified challenges and to maximize philanthropic growth.  Report recommendations were used to frame interview criteria and questions for selecting a new chief development officer.  We assisted in the selection process to ensure the lead candidate had the appropriate skill set to succeed. The new chief development officer is now implementing recommendations to create an effective fundraising platform for major philanthropic growth.

R+A Services:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Restructuring Plan with Job Descriptions and Salary/Budget Recommendations
  • Interview Team Counsel

R+A Team:

  • Bob Bartlett, Ph.D., R+A Senior Marketing Advisor
  • Eric Barritt, Associate Vice President and Chief Development officer, (University of) Michigan Health
  • Jon McGann, Ph.D., Organizational Development Advisor
  • Mary Bartlett, MBA, Managing Director, Core Services, (University of) Michigan Health
  • Greg Bowden, Associate Dean for Development, Carey School of Business, Johns Hopkins University 
  • Keith Todd, Vice President for Development and University Relations, University of Tampa
  • Tom Mundell, Senior Vice President for Philanthropy, Hawaii Pacific Health
  • Thad Henry, Senior Philanthropic Advisor
  • Dan Rogge, President / Chief Strategist

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