Hospice Savannah Foundation

Savannah, GA


Launch a capital campaign in the middle of the greatest recession since 1929?  To position the organization to meet current demands and future projections, Hospice Savannah would have to overcome a positive, but narrow public understanding of its role and impact in the community.  There was so much more to their offerings, but people really didn’t want to talk about death-related topics. 

The Hospice Savannah Foundation would need to become much more strategically aligned and philanthropically productive in both capital and annual revenue.  How would we do it?


First, the campaign must be relevant and urgent to be successful.  The focus, The Center for Living, could help change the conversation about Hospice and end of life issues. 

Once funding was secured, we developed a comprehensive strategic plan for Hospice Savannah Foundation that aligned with the host organization.  We then established a brand identity and directional support to significantly increase annual support over the next five years.  


Lastly, we positioned and prepared the organization and its three boards for major philanthropic growth.


  • Completed the $3 million goal at $3.2 million.
  • Developed a strategic plan that aligned the Foundation with the Hospice Savannah corporate body. 
  • Crafted a comprehensive roadmap for Foundation growth with detailed financial, structural, human resource, political, and narrative direction.
  • Implemented a new brand strategy with segmented marketing to increase annual giving.

R+A Services:

  • Campaign counsel
  • Strategic planning
  • Develop 5-year operational plan for the Foundation

R+A Consultant:

  • Dan Rogge, President / Chief Strategist

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